Why Is blue board and plastering needed?

To maintain solid wall and ceiling structure of a home. If a wall or ceiling is damaged its repaired by replacing blue board and plastering over it to give you a solid flat wall or ceiling. In new homes blue board and plaster are needed to complete interior walls and ceilings.

Why hire a professional plasterer?

Hiring a professional blue board and plastering company is essential for a job well done. Many years go into learning the trade, many consider plastering an art and the knowledge and know how are imperative in plastering.

How much will plastering cost?

It may be difficult to give exact prices with each job being different in their own way. With that said I come out to each job at the homeowner/builders earliest convenience and give a free estimate. Our prices are always fair and we always deliver a job well done. Reach out to NTC plastering at 508 431 0196 for your free estimate today

Do I need to prepare anything for blue board and plastering?

As long as theres a clear working space then no need to worry about anything. We cover all jobs with paper on the floors and tarps as well as using painter's plastic to cover anything in way or nearby. Cabinets, doors, etc. As well as good cleanup as if we were never there.